Velcro Companies is dedicated to creating a culture based on ethical and profitable values. This culture depends, among other things, on the trust that every colleague has in his / her ability to report any problems in a confidential and anonymous manner, without fear of retaliation.

If you suspect or are aware of conduct that is not in line with the Velcro Companies Code of Conduct or with other company policies, as well as fraudulent activity or incidents of harassment against you or other colleagues, please send them immediately to your superior, manager, local human resources manager or your representative. If you do not feel comfortable heading to the people listed, you can use the Velcro Companies Compliance Hotline, which is managed by an external service company. You can forward your reports anonymously and without fear of retaliation.

This direct line offers two simple systems for reporting infringements in a confidential manner. Both modes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1. You can forward the reports via the Internet to the Compliance Hotline , by displaying the form for reporting in your preferred language, or;

2. You can report problems by telephone via the toll-free number:

United States: (800) 461-9330 Germany: (800) 1777 -9999
Canada: (800) 461-9330 Italy: (800) 1777 -9999
Mexico: 001 866 376 -0139 Belgium: (800) 1777 -9999
Brazil: 0021 800 1777 -9999 Netherlands: (800) 1777 -9999
Uruguay: 001 720 514 -4400 Poland: (800) 116 -3819
United Kingdom: (800) 1777 -9999 China: (800) 1777 -9999 (400) 120 -3062
France: (800) 1777 -9999 Hong Kong: 001 (800) 1777 -9999
Spain: (800) 1777 -9999 Australia: 0011 (800) 1777-9999

* Local rates may apply.

Once your report has been submitted, it will be immediately directed to the Governance and Compliance Committee (CGC) for review. The CGC consists of our Financial Director, the Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, the Vice President of Human Resources, the General Council and the undersigned.

You will also be provided with a confidential number for access to the report and will be asked for a personal password and a security question. The access number and password will allow you to check the status of your report on the website of the hotline as well as to send and receive anonymous messages regarding the report at any time. If you have provided an e-mail address, you will receive e-mail notifications whenever the report is updated.

We invite you to report any violation of our Code of Conduct and other company policies, fraudulent activities or incidents of harassment that you are aware of.